Vodafone roaming charges – essential reading for ALL Vodafone business customers

As you are probably aware, many of the UK mobile networks are making changes to the way you are charged for using your mobile phone or smartphone abroad.

In truth their hand has been forced by the EU to reduce what they charge customers for using a foreign network and there are some excellent “bundles” to allow us to use our phones abroad without the need to meet with our mortgage advisor before we leave, Vodafone have their daily data traveller providing a user with 25MB data access per day for £2 per day including VAT and O2 have also introduced something very similar for EU travellers.

But if you think these concessions are available to you purely because you are a Vodafone business customer and have been for years then check again.

The “bundles” are only available to those on the latest generation tariffs, so all you people on Business Choice, Total Business or an even older Vodafone account, please be careful if you are planning a trip abroad.

If you are a Callmaster Mobile customer you can expect your account manager to be in contact very shortly.

If you are not one of our customers but you are concerned about this then feel free to contact us on 01252 854352 or by emailing mobile@cmmtelecoms.co.uk