Business Data Security and Digital Risk

Jump to:Phishing scams that are on the riseQuick (and free) tips to protect yourself from cyberattacks and breachesThe ultimate solution that will secure your business data and online activityNow more than ever, UK businesses are reliant on digital communication or online services, such as email addresses, websites, online banking or purchases.  The surge in digital communication and services, combined with the popularity of mobile devices, […]

3 Warning Signs of a Poor Telecoms Strategy

1. Questionable security The new GDPR regulations came into effect on May 25th 2018, and made security and privacy even more vital. If you haven’t already, you can grab your free GDPR checklist here.GDPR is serious business.  Organisations that breach GDPR regulations will be subject to steep financial penalties. Last year, British Airways faced a £183,000,000 fine over a passenger data breach.  Penalties are not […]

The Ultimate Guide to Voice Calling in Microsoft Teams

Integrating Voice Calling with Microsoft Teams means you’ll use a single app for all your communication tools (Outlook calendar, meetings, chats, calls).Jump to…How to make inbound and outbound calls in Microsoft TeamsHow to accept calls in Microsoft TeamsWhy are businesses moving from PBX to Microsoft Teams?How do I know if integrating Voice Calling with Microsoft Teams is the right move for my business?Should I switch […]

Covid-19 Telecoms Continuity Planning

Covid-19 Telecoms Continuity Planning can minimise the affect of the pandemic on your business communicationsPsychologist Maggie Mulqueen recently spoke to the NPR and stressed the importance of staying productive to mitigate anxiety.  Following suit, we would like to share constructive ways you can work to protect your livelihood and ease one worry.Our support team are on hand to discuss the following options with you.Existing VoIP […]

How to troubleshoot iPhone XR / O2 signal problems

iPhone XR signal problems on the O2 network? Follow these troubleshooting tips while you await the update from Apple and O2.If you’re an iPhone XR user on the O2 Network, you may be experiencing signal problems that are incredibly frustrating.  We’re aware that O2 and Apple are doing everything they can to resolve the issue and a resolution is on the way.But, we understand that […]