Flexible Working

Hello, Everyone’s working circumstances keep changing – whether that means working from home for a longer period or more flexibly than before. We’d like to make sure that your employees aren’t only relying on home Wi-Fi, and are well-equipped and comfortable to stay productive at work. Unlimited data to support you when working more flexibly • Forget about data limits with our unlimited data-only SIMs. […]

Professional Music on Hold

MoH helps keep your callers engaged and happy, whilst waiting for an operator. You can create bespoke messages too, so you can directly address the needs of your business. Want to advertise a new product, service or event? How about opening hours over the coming Bank Holiday? No matter who is calling, or what your business does, we can help you make the most out […]

The Best Telephone Solution for Start-ups and the Self-employed

The best telephone solution is capable of far more than making and receiving calls.  In fact, the right solution can improve collaboration, boost your productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience you provide.  No matter how big or small your company is, the telephone solution ‘VoIP’ provides all the benefits above, and you’ll understand how VoIP can help you once you’ve finished this post.  […]

7 Ways a VoIP System Can Help Your Business Marketing

​BRanding Branding extends far beyond your ‘name’ or logo. Instead, representing your market identity, inclusive of the kind of quality you provide, your reputation, culture, customer perception and first impression, trustworthiness and more. In sum, it’s the sub-total of all the ‘experiences’ your customers have with your organisation, starting with picking up the phone.How VoIP can be used to build positive brand associations: 1. With VoIP, […]

Why PSTN/ISDN customers are switching to VoIP and why they’re not

Earlier technology, PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the standard telephony set up for small businesses, with ISDN (Intergrated Services Digital Network) delivering digital lines for larger businesses. Thanks to bigger and better data capabilities, businesses are now embracing VoIP, aka the “Voice Over Internet Protocol” – the flexible phone system that allows you to make calls over your internet connection. Why are businesses moving to […]