Frontline worker? 7 Reasons why the Samsung XCover Pro is perfect for you

Insert Video Introducing the Samsung XCover ProThe Samsung XCover Pro has been designed with frontline workers explicitly in mind – making it a chic, lightweight solution that is packed with customer-facing settings, yet rugged-enough to survive the most challenging environments. 7 Reasons why the Samsung XCover Pro is perfect for frontline workers 1Military-grade durability  The Samsung XCover Pro isn’t your average smartphone – it’s a […]

The Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor bypass method that could put you at risk

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor has been blacklisted and disabled by banks after security bypass method is revealed. Here’s what you need to know:Samsung has confirmed it will be rolling out a software patch to fix a fatal fingerprint authentication flaw in the Galaxy S10. The flagship device was launched by Samsung in March and positioned as offering a “revolutionary new bio-metric authentication feature”.The […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold ready for re-launch in September

Following technical delays, the South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, has announced the re-launch of the Galaxy Fold. The new device was initially claimed to withstand hundreds of thousands of folds, yet received reports of breaks, bulges and blinking screens. Galaxy Fold refined Following a recall of the devices, Samsung has undertaken rigorous testing and finalised improvements. The top layer of the 4.6″ Infinity Flex Display has received added protection and strength, […]

Samsung announces Galaxy A70

Design The Galaxy A70 is Samsung’s latest mid-range smartphone, available in the UK since the 26th of April. Four colour choices are available: Blue, Black, White and Coral. Each colour features a prism effect, reflecting different tones dependent on the lighting and angle. Featuring the largest screen to date on any A Series, the Galaxy A70 sports a 6.7″ Infinity display. Value for money is […]

A year of innovation: Samsung releases foldable smartphone

South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, has released the Galaxy Fold, a foldable smartphone that is claimed to withstand hundreds of thousands of folds. Featuring a 4.6″ Infinity Flex Display that opens like a book to reveal a larger 7.3″ display, astonishingly, without visible lines or crinkles. Available in both 4G and 5G versions, the Galaxy Fold is a truly innovative device. Additionally, the new device comes […]