The Best Telephone Solution for Start-ups and the Self-employed

The best telephone solution is capable of far more than making and receiving calls.  In fact, the right solution can improve collaboration, boost your productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience you provide. 

No matter how big or small your company is, the telephone solution ‘VoIP’ provides all the benefits above, and you’ll understand how VoIP can help you once you’ve finished this post. 

So what is VoIP and how does it work? 

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol.  With VoIP, analogue voice calls are converted into packets of data.  These packets travel in the same way that your emails do, and can be transmitted over the public internet and/or over a private IP network.  This means you can save costs by having one network, instead of two.

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Not sure what the future holds?

Scale up or down easily 

Unlike a traditional phone system that requires a substantial physical presence (and maintenance), making calls over your internet connection means you’ll have the ability to add a line as soon as you hire a new employee, and if they leave, you can easily reassign or remove that line. 

VoIP ensures your telecoms strategy can grow alongside your business, without causing major disruptions or difficulty.

Ease one financial risk 

Choosing VoIP means you’ll save on the storage space and equipment costs that accompany a traditional phone system. 

Ensure international potential 

VoIP carries the advantage of inexpensive international and long-distance calls, so you can communicate beyond national borders, at a fraction of the standard cost. 

How much could you save? 

VoIP can take your international calling costs from pounds to pennies.

Standard charges for calling Pakistan from a normal UK landline or mobile, for example, can vary between around £1 to £2 per minute (less with special discounts).  

By comparison, the same call over a VoIP network may only cost you around 10-12p per minute. 


Working from home? Project a professional image 

Starting or running your own venture and drawing a line between work and your personal life is difficult enough.  Using a home line or personal mobile for your business makes successfully navigating this boundary even tougher. 

Investing in a VoIP system gives you the option to choose any geographical number, irrelevant of where you are located, allowing you to project a professional image and reinstate the boundary between your personal and business life. 

Since you can choose any number, you’ll also be able to give the impression of a more prestigious address, and gain the option of advertising in different areas (and directories) if you choose a different geographical location.

Unsure when you’ll open an office or re-open your existing premises? 

In the current climate, flexibility is paramount.  Using a VoIP system means incoming calls are automatically routed to your VoIP phone wherever you plug it into the network, so you can work from home or the office. 

All you need is a good quality internet connection and you can work from anywhere, ensuring you can stay in touch with customers, prospects and suppliers with the flexibility you need during these uncertain times.

Build better relationships with your customers 

Keep a communications record without the time or hassle 

Staying on top of voicemails has never been so easy with Voicemail to Email. Voicemails you receive will be sent directly to your inbox, ensuring you can easily keep a communications record.

Project a consistent image 

The VoIP Android/iOS Soft Client app allows you to make and receive calls using the Horizon IP telephone service from your iOS/Android device.

This means your customers, colleagues and suppliers will see your office number even if you’re working remotely or from different locations where it’s not practical to install a handset; so you can display a consistent and professional image, wherever you are.

Ensure your customers speak to the right person, at the right time

On a budget? The VoIP feature ‘Auto Attendant’ will allow you to eliminate the need to hire a full-time receptionist once your business grows, because it offers your customers an easy, fast and effective way to contact the right person or department.   Think ‘Press 1’ for sales, ‘2’ for support.  

Just you running the show? Use Auto Attendant for a heads up before taking an unexpected client call. 

Promote your products or services

VoIP allows you to create your own ‘Music on Hold’.  Music on Hold is the message and/or music you use to fill the silence that would otherwise be heard by callers placed on hold. 

Music on Hold can complement your existing promotions, create endless cross-marketing opportunities and offer a proven resolution to reduce the amount of callers hanging up.

If you’d prefer not to advertise, you can use the time to provide helpful information such as opening times, directions or details of a referral scheme.

You’ll be able to update your message several times a year, ensuring your customers are continually informed of your latest developments and promotions. 


Free VoIP System and Unlimited UK Calls

Free VoIP system with three year contracts; including installation, training and unlimited UK calls.