5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using MDM

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using MDM Mobile Device Management also known as MDM is the solution that gives you high-level control and security of all the mobile devices entering your organisation, irrelevant of whether they are company devices or part of a BYOD programme. 1)  Introduce and enforce your Company’s very own telecoms policy – with minimal effort. MDM allows you to set […]

What is M2M?

What is M2M? Introducing ‘Machine to Machine’ technology  M2M is an exchange of data between a connected device and a central system that monitors or controls that device. It allows machines to communicate directly with each other to convey information, for example – a smart refrigerator could automatically order groceries from Tesco’s once it’s inventory is depleted. Did you know? M2M is also known as […]

Why keeping up to date with technology is absolutely vital for your businesse’s success

Why keeping up to date with technology is essential for your business’s success Virtual communication has become the norm and is rapidly growing According to the Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, the total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from nearly 3.9 billion accounts in 2013 to over 4.9 billion accounts by the end of 2017. In fact over 100 billion emails sent […]

The Top 5 Ways to Break an iPhone

mobilephonechecker.co.uk polled 1,486 UK adults who have all broken, dented, or scratched an iPhone handset. They found: The average broken iPhone is destroyed or damaged just 10 weeks after purchase – and under 6 weeks for an iPhone 4 or 5. And when they’re not being broken, it seems they’re being stolen. With a recent report from the Home Office estimating more than 700,000 handsets […]

World Cup Kicks Off Mobile Data Costs

The World Cup digital audience has doubled. In fact, Akamai, an Internet content delivery network, says it is expecting to handle up to 2.5 million live content streams at any one time across its network. This compares to 1.6 million during the 2010 World Cup – and that’s just one network. The World Cup fever is set to drive data bills through the roof. As your football […]