M2M (IoT)

The agile and responsive solution for your operations

Why does your business need M2M?

“If a machine or device can report back that it has broken down or that it needs refilling, then that saves, for example, a field-force employee driving around checking on these things. Because of the improved visibility, they only need to go where the attention is needed. That has a hard ROI for operations.” – Telsyte senior analyst.

Remote monitoring

Receive information on how a remote asset in your business is performing, minimising the need for routine maintenance visits and providing you with the ability to catch problems before they affect your customers.

Recover and prevent

With M2M you can take advantage of real-time data, remote monitoring and analytics. Ensuring that if one of your assets is lost or stolen, you can recover it quickly and prevent thefts from happening in the first place.

M2M can help you increase profitably, launch new products and services, improve your customer relations and allow your business to become more agile and responsive. We offer M2M technology via dedicated sims that will connect over mobile networks.

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