The 5 Reasons why your Business should be using Digital Pens

The digital pen resembles your standard ball-point pen. It can be used like a normal pen and even uses ink, but unlike other pens, the digital pen has a very tiny camera stored inside. This camera stores your hand movements and saves your notes – digitally. This means every word, signature, doodle, sketch or scribble, is converted to a digital page.

Digital Pen

The 5 Reasons why your Business should be using Digital Pens

1) Save hours on tedious jobs

With the digital pen, your field notes are automatically converted to digital notes. These notes are then securely imported into your company database. Ensuring your customer data and information is safely, digitally stored. The digital format offers easy, clear viewing. So your employees will no longer have to manually scan through dodgy notes or signatures in an attempt to decipher the hand-writing. Your business can save hours finding, filing, and re-keying mountains of paperwork. While the safe importation provides a central database that staff can use to synchronise. Letting you provide a smooth, professional service from start to finish.

2) Cut staff expenses and time on admin

Nearly half of all staff in-accurately record mileage data. Creating big issues for both you, the business owner, and your employees. While 70% of staff find submitting records laborious. With the digital pen, your workforce can finally avoid unnecessary trips back and forth to the office dropping off paperwork, as data is automatically sent back to base. This reduces your staff expenses, and frees up admin time, allowing your staff to be more productive.

3) Provide accurate reporting

The digital pen is a real-time tool. Allowing your business to offer a professional service with timely, accurate reporting. Run a delivery service? You can finally avoid customer disputes over delivery times, or monitor how timely your drivers are. Whether you’re an engineer, healthcare worker, surveyor, training officer or a delivery driver, working in the field means you need data sent back to base quickly. With the digital pen, you can do just that, transmitting data in a matter of minutes, accurately and securely.

4) Offer a professional, modernised service

With the digital pen, you can customise your data capture sheets. Fully branding forms and other documents. Write with the digital pen, or use it with smartphones or tablets. We can adapt the digital pen to fit in with your business needs. While you can show your customers that you are up to date with the latest technology, and provide an accurate, timely, service.

5) Finally, reap the benefits without big changes to working practices or capital outlay

The digital pen is used just like a normal pen and thus requires no extra time or money training staff. Better yet, we can take care of the whole process for you. Providing and managing the digital pens for your business. And, as every business is different, you’ll receive a free return on investment audit. Taking into consideration the true cost of your current operations; capturing and processing data from the field, sending it back to base and then re-keying it. You’ll receive a calculation of the time that you can save on admin, and free up to re-invest. You will also receive the value of savings you’ll make on paper, mileage, and other costs. With all of these factors taken into account, you’ll also receive benefits of greater data security, improved customer service and faster cash flow. Better yet, the digital pen can cost as little as £20 per user, per month.*


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*Price excludes print cost, airtime, and VAT and is based on a 36 Month Contract. Subject to Status.  As always, the t’s and c’s apply.