Why Calls Will Always Come Out On Top – You Need Your Telephone

With so many communication channels now available, it can be difficult for your business to decide on the best method. So, how should you be dealing with your customers requests and inquiries?

A recent U.S study asked consumers how they prefer to resolve customer service issues:
study figures
While social media, texting, online networking, and other channels are making an impact. The telephone still maintains the spot for the best communication tool.

Real people want real people. And the telephone offers exactly that. A real-time conversation, with someone at the end of the line that you can connect with – without the cost and time of travel that a face-to-face conversation brings.

The telephone provides the perfect balance between instant conversation and the personal touch; tone of voice, and connection.

With this being said, isn’t it time your business made the move towards an efficient, telecommunications strategy?