Why Office 365?


Gain Access Virtually Anywhere

Office 365 is the cost-effective, smart solution to cloud computing and helps you work from virtually anywhere, on nearly any device — whether that’s a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Phone, or BlackBerry. Working remotely means anywhere access to the info you need, with the most consistent and secure experience. Access your inbox with the Outlook Web App while you’re at the coffee shop, or finish off that report on your commute with the Office Web App. Or join an online meeting with the Lync Web App and cut unnecessary travel time, and thus your expenses. With Office 365, you can reap the benefits of virtually anywhere access.

Reduce Cost and Provide Flexibility

Running a business can be unpredictable and stressful enough, without your essential tools bringing you down. With Office 365 you will have predictable, annual costs for your communication, collaboration and productivity tools.  And, it can actually help you significantly reduce costs and effort spent deploying and managing on-premises servers.

Enterprise Security

With Office 365, your data is protected with the highest standard of physical and digital security. Microsoft Exchange Online has built-in antivirus and spam filtering protections designed to address new virus and spam threats—known and unknown—as soon as they appear. Help safeguard your data with enterprise-grade reliability, continuous data back-up, and take advantage of disaster recovery capabilities so even power-cuts won’t shut you down. Combined with a strict privacy policy, Office 365 offers high-level enterprise security and helps you meet certain regulatory requirements.

Keep IT in Control

Through the Office 365 management site, IT stays in control. Patches, updates, and back-end upgrades are automatically applied while you retain control over when to deploy major changes. You can also delegate authority for specific administrative tasks through Role-Based Access Controls.

Exceptional Email, Collaboration, and Online Meeting Solutions

Office 365 provides exceptional email, collaboration, and online meeting solutions. Your people can simultaneously edit documents with their colleagues and easily escalate the collaboration into an online meeting.

Help On-Premises and Online Users Work Seamlessly

Even if some of your users’ mailboxes are on premises and others are in the cloud, Exchange Online provides rich co-existence that allows them to function as a single, integrated architecture. Features such as Free/Busy information, MailTips, mailbox search, message tracking, and archiving are available to both cloud and on-premises users, so collaboration is seamless regardless of whether a user’s mailbox resides on-premises or in the cloud.

Minimise the Learning Curve, Receive Support & Find the plan that Fits your Needs.

Office 365 is available in a variety of plans to meet your businesses and IT needs. Each plan has the same 99.9 percent up-time guarantee and the robust security you expect from Microsoft. We can go through your options together, and make our recommendation based on your business needs and desires. Once you’ve found your plan, your people can become productive right away using the familiar Office tools that integrate with Office 365. While we cover the setup and configuration, and give you the support you need.

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