O2 plans to switch on 1,000 sites with new 4G spectrum by the end of 2018

After the recent announcement of cell deployment in London’s boroughs, O2 is back at it, announcing plans to connect over 1,000 sites to a new 4G spectrum by the end of 2018. Major shopping centres such as Westfield shopping centres in White City and Stratford are taking priority, alongside transportation hubs.


By the end of April alone O2 switched on new sites in the UK across London, Leeds and Nottingham. The news follows O2’s win at Ofcom’s spectrum auction last month where O2 purchased £523.6m worth of new mobile airwaves with the aim to enhance the experience for O2 customers.

“We know how important a fast and reliable connection is to our customers which is why we’re putting our new 4G spectrum to use as quickly as possible.” – Derek McManus, O2 chief operating officer

O2 invest over £2 million per day to maintain and improve their network and within the last year have grown it’s 4G indoor coverage to an impressive 98%. As the only player to deploy the new 2.3GHz spectrum, the recent and significant investment is designed to further improve customer loyalty and the O2 experience as whole.