O2 Mobile Broadband Customers on 3G Tariffs moved to 4G for Free

Great News! O2 Mobile Broadband Customers on 3G Tariffs have been moved to 4G for Free

O2 have recently enabled 4G for their mobile broadband customers*, that have a 4G ready device (tablet, dongle and smartphone only) and a 3G tariff – at no extra cost.

Has 4G been enabled for you?

If you have been migrated to 4G, a 4G sign will appear on your device when you’re in a 4G area, and your experience will also be faster.

Please be aware…

4G does not use more data than the 3G network. However, because 4G is about 5x faster than 3G and thus anything you download will take only a fifth of the time to finish, you may use it more and want to stream content in high definition. Causing you to view more content and use more data and thus create the potential for you to hit your allowance faster or rack up large charges.

*compatible with O2’s free of charge 4G access code.

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