EE TV first in the UK to launch ‘Watch with Twitter’

EE TV first in the UK to launch ‘Watch with Twitter’

EE is the first TV platform in the UK to partner up with social giant Twitter to bring you ‘Watch with Twitter’. The launch of Watch with Twitter will allow EE customers to discover and watch the most talked about programmes in real time, using data provided by Twitter.

“Great telly and Twitter have always gone hand-in-hand – people love talking about their favourite shows and our new partnership with EE makes it easier than ever to discover which programmes are creating the biggest conversations.” – Dara Nasr, UK Managing Director, Twitter.


Up to five of the highest trending live shows will be highlighted in the EE TV guide, as well as popular programmes that are due to start in the next hour. In programme view, EE TV will now include the official hashtag of major shows so that viewers can join in the conversation on Twitter.

Further updates to EE TV

Further updates to the EE TV include improving it’s Replay functionality (replay allows users to view the last 24 hours of TV from their favourite channels) from 6 to 8 standard definition channels. Replay content is now also searchable in 10 categories including Movies, Drama, Kids and Sport.

EE has also partnered with NBCUniversal International to introduce hayu – a next-generation reality subscription video on demand service – via an on-demand app on EE TV. The service includes over 3,000 episodes including complete box sets, with the majority of reality content added to the service on the same day it premieres in the US.


Priced at £3.99 per month, it may not be worth it for those without an interest in the Kardashians, however EE TV users can take advantage of a one month free trail to see if hayu is for them. If users choose to use the service, they can opt out at anytime thanks to no  fixed-term or length contract.