Countdown to Snapchat’s augmented reality release

Countdown to Snapchat’s augmented reality release

Later on today, Snapchat will be revealing it’s augmented reality art platform. The platform’s main star is Jeff Koons, an American artist known for working with popular culture subjects and his reproductions of banal objects—such as balloon animals produced in stainless steel with mirror-finish surfaces.

“Discover Koons’s innovative digital installations scattered across the world to experience them for yourself, and learn a little more about them”

How does it work?

The platform will show a special Lens when you are nearby a piece of Snapchat ART. An indicator will then direct you until the location marker is in the frame, at which point you’ll seen the pinned art in full augmented reality.

Most excitingly however is the opportunity for up and rising artists to feature on the platform and have their art pinned and displayed to the 173 million users active on Snapchat everyday.

Check back at the blog for further news on Snapchat’s AR launch.