4 Reasons Why You Hope The Apple iWatch Is Real

1) Unexpected Design: Rumour has it, the iWatch will feature a fully flexible plastic OLED screen, allowing you to bend the glass around your wrist. Could it get any more awesome? Further rumours suggest the iWatch will be available in two different sizes and forms. Either to accommodate different wrist sizes or to produce a male and female version.

2) Breakthrough Technology:  Astonishingly, it has been suggested that the Apple iWatch will incorporate technology smart enough to predict a heart attack. The Apple Smart Watch is rumoured to be heavily revolved around sport and health. With other features to include step monitoring by location, and tracking.  

3) Efficient Power: Apparently, the Apple iWatch will incorporate some form of smart charging. Speculations are focused around Solar Panel Energy and Magnetic Charging. However the standard lithium-ion batteries are still on the table.

4) And finally, acceptance: You’ve um’ed and er’d over getting a smart watch since the whole craze began. If Apple were to release their own, you would have to join in. To give your Apple device a companion, of course.

iWatch Concepts
iWatch concepts courtesy of various artists including ‘Ciccarese’ and ‘KnowYourMobile’.

Down to business:
Date: With the iWatch yet to be confirmed, no promises can be made. However, fingers crossed the iWatch will make an appearance late this year.

Price: With Smart Watches ranging from around £100 – £300, it is likely the Apple iWatch will be at the top end of these figures.

Before you go, please do feel free to leave a comment about your favourite Apple concept and your own predictions for the iWatch. We would love to hear from you.