The New Google Nexus 6 Rumours

It’s rumoured that the Nexus Smartphone Series will continue with the Google Nexus 6. However it’s yet to be confirmed which third party mobile manufacturer is/will be giving Google a helping hand. The History of Google Nexus Partners: • HTC Nexus One: January 2010 • Samsung Nexus S: December 2010 • Samsung Galaxy Nexus: November 2011 • LG Nexus 4: November 2012 • LG Nexus 5: November  2013 • Google Nexus 6: […]

Upcoming Smartphones

We take you through the 9 upcoming smartphones you can expect to see this year… 1) Apple iPhone 6 The iPhone 6 is the much anticipated device techies are waiting for. The Apple iPhone 6 is expected to be the largest yet of all iPhones. Featuring a 4.6″ display. The most exciting rumour? Alongside the larger screen, it’s expected you will shocked again with a […]