Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Review
A survey of more than three thousand mobile phone users, conducted on behalf of case manufacturer Tech21, found that a whopping 90% of people drop their phone at least once a month, with a small minority saying that they drop their phone as many as six times a month, while 25% have damaged their phone due to unforeseen contact with water. The big players in the smartphone industry truly have mastered fast processors, sleek touch-screens, futuristic features and high-tech accessories to go along with your new device, but it seems are yet to master the practicality of these devices.

samsung galaxy s4 active reviewA Durable Smartphone 
Many of us could do with a smartphone that has the ability to cope with everyday life, however adventurous we are. From diving with dolphins to splashing our smartphone with the muck from the washing up bowl, we don’t want our device to crumble at the first hurdle.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active truly does allow you to be active. The S4 active is both dust-resistant and water-resistant. You can even shoot and video under-water. Featuring a 8 Mega Pixel rear camera, as does the Apple iPhone 5, and 2 Mega Pixel front camera, the S4 active offers temporary immersion in up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. Granted you can’t take this smartphone into the depths of the ocean, but it is a start. To switch to aquatic mode, it’s a simple matter of pressing the volume key as opposed to the camera key.

samsung galaxy s4 active reviewDisplay 
The 5″ touch screen display with 16M Colour Depth and 1920 x 1080 Resolution, has even been designed with ‘Glove Touch’, allowing you to wear gloves while using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. This gives you extreme convenience. Rather than the gloves being adapted to the phone i.e. ‘touch screen gloves’, Samsung have adapted the phone to you.

Operating System and Processor
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active runs on Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean, as does the original Samsung Galaxy S4 and has a chipset with 1.9GHz GHz CPU Speed, to give you smoothing functioning and speed.

Weight and Dimensions
With dimensions of 139.7 x 71.3 x 9.1mm, (H x W x D), and weighing in at just 153g, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is highly portable.

Although practical smartphones are yet to be mastered, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is not the only model to satisfy your needs. Sony recently released the Xperia Z Ultra, which too, is water and dust resistant. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra features an astonishing 6.4″ Full HD screen, offering a larger display than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. We would have to say the Sony Xperia Z Ultra does also offer a sleeker, more modernistic design, however the S4 Active offers a more affordable option. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is available for £485.99 sim free, while the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is available at £599.99 sim free.