Does your business run company vehicles?


TomTom Survey - Copy

The above figures were taken from the TomTom 2013 Study, and truly do highlight the current problems with running company vehicles, but the big question is what can you do?

If you don’t want to switch your business to push-bikes, talk to us today. We’re pretty chuffed to announce we have the in car solutions that can give you real time locations of all of the vehicles in your fleet and give you vehicle information such as speed, mileage and fuel consumption.¬†Our Tom Tom solution will optimise driving behaviour and eliminate the need to record mileage by hand, which as you can see is often in-accurate and time consuming.

We want all our customers to enjoy increased and focused productivity from employees that that are back to their day job, as opposed to spending their time on admin heavy mileage claims. If you would like our help or more information, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.