In Car Solutions

In Car Solutions


Vehicle tracking & fuel management

Does your business run company vehicles?

Then talk to the team at Callmaster Mobile about our In Car Solutions. We partner with TomTom to bring you solutions that cover the biggest pain points of running company vehicles: tracking, fuel wastage and mileage reporting.


Impress customers with real-time tracking

See where all the vehicles in your fleet are in real-time, on an easy-to-read map. Let a customer know their delivery will be running late, or identify your nearest driver for a new assignment. Vehicle tracking not only allows you to make informed decisions, but it also gives you the power to impress your customers and minimise time on the road.

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Identify areas to save with in-depth tracing

Look at your fleet’s movements over time. Follow the route, check start and end locations, and take the first step to identifying where savings can be made. Provide an accurate recording of your business’s response time to jobs and analyse your findings. Use the data for improvement, customer knowledge, or even as key selling points – “On average, 98% of our operatives arrive within 2 hours from the first call”.[bg_faq_end] [bg_faq_start]

Banish the pain-points of fuel & mileage

Our Tom Tom solution will optimise driving behaviour and eliminate the need to record mileage by hand – which is often inaccurate and time consuming. You’ll receive detailed insight into vehicle trips. Generated in reliable, easy-to-understand reports: with information on start/end times, driving and stand still hours, distance traveled, fuel consumed and more. The access to real-time and historic data on your driver’s movements not only gives you valuable data, but also gives them a far greater sense of accountability, and thus acts as a deterrent for bad driving behaviour, and the misuse of company vehicles.


Our In Car Solutions give you fair staff expenses, the opportunity to improve your customer service, and high level control of your fleet of vehicles.

Take a look at our In Car Solutions graphic below for an overview of how we can help, share it with your colleagues and get in touch so we can start saving you time and money, today.

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We can show you how life with CMM is better on your In Car Solutions…

  • No accuracy, mileage issues when claiming expenses (Tom Tom study 2013 – 46% of drivers admit to inaccurate mileage tracking)
  • No compliance, admin heavy, and unfocused workforce, unhappy with recording and submitting mileage records (Tom Tom 2013 study – 70% of drivers find submitting records laborious)
  • No time, unproductive use of work time, a company with 100 drivers can lose 200 hours a month to admin (Tom Tom 2013 study)
  • An in car unit that reports accurate and automated mileage data
  • Mileage reporting available to the business, without the need for input from the on the road employee
  • Increased and focused productivity from employees that are back to their day job as opposed to admin heavy
    mileage claims


How you can’t live without us…

The team at Callmaster Mobile, Farnham, would love to hear from you. Get in touch and see how we can save your business time & money with in car solutions for business vehicles.

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