EE TV now features Amazon’s Alexa

EE TV now features Amazon’s Alexa

Not only was EE the first TV platform in the UK to partner up with social giant Twitter, bringing you ‘Watch with Twitter’,  but is also now the first UK TV top box to offer Amazon Alexa integration.

 “We’re continually looking for ways to further enhance the accessibility and usability of EE TV – so we’re pleased to work with Amazon to launch the first Alexa skill on a set top box in the UK.” – Max Taylor, EE Managing Director of Marketing.

EE TV now features Amazon's Alexa

Through Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, you can now request information about what’s on, or record your favourite programmes. For example, ask “Alexa, ask EE TV what’s on tonight?” and Alexa will respond with three recommendations provided from the same source that supplies Freeview Picks. You can also ask about shows on any Freeview channels either now or the following day. You’ll then have the option to record any or all of the recommended shows using just your voice. Better yet, this works whether EE TV is on or in standby mode, great for when you’ve lost the remote or are heading out the door in a hurry.

How to link EE TV to Alexa

Firstly, you’ll need the EE TV box and a compatible Alexa device, such as the Echo or Echo Dot. To enable the Alexa control on your EE TV, simply set the device up using the Alexa app on your phone or tablet. On the app, enable the ‘EE TV’ skill.