Are e-SIMs the future?

The e-SIM has recently been featured in Apple’s Watch Series 3 and Google Pixel 2, although UK carriers currently do not support the technology, it has been predicted that e-SIMs will be the future of all mobile devices.

What is an e-SIM?

E-SIMs are electronic or ’embedded’ SIM cards that will remove the need to have a physical SIM card. The electronic SIM card will be embedded into your device in the form of virtual chip, at the point of manufacture. From an aesthetic perspective, removing the need for a SIM card removes the need for a slot and thus means your smartphone could sport a sleeker look. The spare space could also be utilised by manufacturers for other functions, for example larger, more powerful batteries.


How will the e-SIM benefit me?

Beyond design, removing the need for a physical SIM means our support team will be able to speed up the process of switching network carriers for you, without the need to order a new SIM. We’ll be able to complete the process remotely so you can save a trip into the office. You’ll also be able to wave goodbye to fee’s for ‘unlocking’ mobile devices locked to a specific carrier. For those who often travel, you’ll be able to connect your e-SIM to a local carrier and avoid international roaming bills. 

It’s likely the e-SIM will appear in new handsets over the next year while carriers begin adopting compatibility for their networks. Your account manager will continue to update you on any changes.