5 signs you should invest in a better telecoms strategy


Frequent bill shock

Mobile data consumption is rising fast, as are your costs, particularly the sting of unforeseen or costly roaming fees. We partner with Wandera to provide a data management solution that allows you to not only compress data in real-time but also cap data usage across all of your employee devices. Giving you the ability to predict and control costs.


No back up plan

Did the recent snow shower hinder your ability to work as normal? At CMM, we've invested in technology that allows us to work whenever and wherever we want to. Our tool of choice is Microsoft Office 365, the cost-effective smart solution to cloud computing. Office 365 ensures emails, calendar and contacts are automatically updated across our PC’s and Smartphones so we can access customer details and schedule that prospect meeting whether at home or in the office. If the snow hits, we can hold our sales & support meetings via Skype, share our sales forecast in Excel on everyone's devices of choice simultaneously and any member of our team can edit it accordingly. Are you able to work flexibly? 


Little control of your devices

Are you aware of how your employee devices are being used? With Mobile Device Management, you are able to set restrictions on features, apps, iCloud and content across your corporate devices, to ensure your workforce stays focused. Better yet, you can enforce location-based compliance ensuring your staff receive freedom at home and you utilise employee productivity in the office.


Lack of security

Device lost or stolen? Mobile Device Management carries the further benefit of allowing you to remotely locate, lock or wipe devices to ensure your corporate data stays safe in the wake of an unfortunate event. You'll also be able to detect and restrict jailbroken and rooted devices and set high-level password policies. In light of the new GDPR regulations it is now even more vital that you are in control of your data and the security of your mobile devices.  Protecting your mobile devices from any attacks is crucial as is a clear boundary between business data and personal data.


Outdated infrastructure

As technology is moving forward, many businesses are being left behind. In fact, only 38% of the population are taking advantage of the superfast broadband available to them, with the majority still using ADSL lines without feeling the need to upgrade (Ofcom).

Are you due an upgrade?

To determine whether opting for an upgraded solution would benefit you, you may wish to consider the following:

  1. Do you use your broadband at the same time as other people in your office or site?
  2. Download large online files on a regular basis?
  3. Upload videos and other large files to the web?
  4. Use Cloud or video-calling services such as Skype?
  5. Offer Wi-Fi to customers?
  6. Rely on the internet as a vital tool to run your business?

We want you to be aware of the newer technology that is available, to ensure your business is benefiting from recent advances and running as productively as possible. Alongside the upcoming ISDN switch off, it is even more important that your business considers it's current set up.

Here to help

We offer a variety of solutions and packages to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes and our friendly team are more than happy to provide you with a free, personalised quote, alongside expert advice.

You can get in touch via email: sales@cmmtelecoms.co.uk or phone 01252 854352.