5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using MDM

You should have control of all the mobiles devices entering your organisation, whether they are company devices or part of a BYOD programme. MDM (Mobile Device Management) is the solution that gives you high-level control, and security.

1)  Introduce and enforce your Company’s very own telecoms policy – (with minimal effort!)

With MDM, you can set real-time compliance rules with automated actions. For example, you could prevent jail-broken or rooted devices from entering your company network, lock down SIM changes, enforce minimum OS versions, and even lock, block and wipe rule-breaking devices. Better yet, you can also enforce policies based on your company’s roaming or data usage limits. With this system in place, you can ensure that your company devices will be used correctly, and you can rest assured that the correct actions will be taken without the need for constant, manual monitoring.

2)  Create virtual barriers with geo-fencing rules

Geo-fencing test 2Geo-fencing is a tool that allows you to define geographical boundaries. These boundaries form virtual barriers that trigger when one of your company devices enters or exits the chosen area. For example, you could choose to be notified if a company-owned iPad leaves your grounds. With this notification, you’ll have the knowledge, and choice, about whether or not to disable the device.

Or you could restrict certain apps, such as games, when an employee is at your business location during working hours. When it’s lunch hours, the block could be automatically removed. A further example is blocking device cameras. Cameras can actually be automatically turned off at sensitive work locations, ensuring high-level security and privacy. With geo-fencing, the possibilities are vast, and offer you a high-level of control, customised to your business needs.

3)  Locate and manage lost or stolen devices, in an instance

Shamefully, smartphones are stolen in London every 5 minutes. Worse yet, half of all street crimes involve smartphone theft.  MDM gives you added security and a back-up plan if a device in your fleet is lost or stolen. With the ability to remotely locate and lock a lost device, you can buy yourself time to find it, and ensure it stays safe. You can also remotely wipe a device, to ensure company data is protected when a corporate device is missing.

4) Manage all of your corporate applications and documents in one central system

With MDM, you can advertise, distribute and update applications; to all of your users, a select group, or just the one, all from a quick and easy central system. And with secure document sharing, you can build-in security to prevent your corporate data getting into the wrong hands. You can receive visibility about who has downloaded the document, specify password protection, expiry dates, restrict sharing, and more. With MDM, you can significantly reduce the risks of data leaks, and rest assured that your company files are secure.

5)  Receive a top-notch service – (of course!)

We can assist and help your business manage and deploy the MDM solution that is right for you. On a variety of devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, Kindle Fire devices, Windows Phones, and BlackBerry Devices. Better yet, our solution will integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. Working seamlessly with Exchange ActiveSync, Lotus Notes Traveller, TouchDown and more. Saving you additional infrastructure or personnel costs.

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