Sssshh! 3 things your Mobile Provider doesn’t want you to know

Mobile Secrets

1) What your bill really means

Unless you question every line of your bill, it’s unlikely you’ll know what everything means, after all we can’t all be telecomms experts. You may be paying for extra charges that are irrelevant to you and your business.

2) Data roaming costs do not have to be all that costly

Did you know you can receive early reports of your data roaming levels? By doing so, you can stop going over your limit in good time, thus avoiding the dreaded bill shock. More so, data optimisation software can be used to potentially save 60% on your data roaming charges. You can see more on our solution here. 

3) ‘Free’ apps aren’t always of value to you

A lot of carriers put ‘free’ apps on your phone in an attempt to sweeten the deal. In reality, many of these apps are unnecessary for your business needs and only add value if you use the service, which is often paid. The result? Wasted space on your mobile devices. We only provide our customers with recommendations of applications that will have the most positive impact on their mobile work forces, including our free mobile device management solution. 

What you should know

At CMM, we treat our customers like real people and put our terms in real terms so that both parties receive a honest understanding. Every business is different and quite rightly so, we understand this and deliver a telecommunications plan created by our friendly experts that is specifically tailored to your business. More so, we provide solutions – both free and paid, to reduce your costs, because we enjoy putting our customers first.