Mobile Data Capture Solutions

Go Paperless or Paper-lite

Working alongside INKWRX™, we provide a digital data platform that will allow you to create your own business forms and publish them to use with either a digital pen and paper or tablet device. With the digital pen, your field notes are automatically converted to digital notes, while the tablet allows for instant digital capture. These notes are then securely imported into your company database, ensuring your customer data and information is safely, digitally stored. It is a quick and simple way to electronically send information back to your office, reducing administration and increasing productivity.

Cut staff expenses and time on admin

Offer a professional service

Provide accurate reporting 

Free Return on Investment Audit

You’ll receive a free return on investment audit. Taking into consideration the true cost of your current operations; capturing and processing data from the field, sending it back to base and then re-keying it. You’ll receive a calculation of the time that you can save on admin, and free up to re-invest. You will also receive the value of savings you’ll make on paper, mileage, and other costs. With all of these factors taken into account, you’ll also receive benefits of greater data security, improved customer service and faster cash flow.  We’ll then provide and manage the digital and/or tablets for your business.