The best of Android

The best of Android

LG G4 – Android 5.1

The LG G4 features a 5.5″ screen and a rather unique design with premium back covers ranging from metallic grey, ceramic white, gold and even genuine leather. While the coloured backs have an array patterned texture, the leather backs have a threaded stitch with the choice of brown, black and red shades. Standing out from the crowd, the LG G4 also features a 16MP camera with an ultra-bright F1.8 Lens for stunning visuals, particularly ideal for low light and portraits. Snap quick and clear pictures with laser detection auto-focus and OIS 2.0, an improved optical image stabiliser that reduces camera shake.


Big on productivity, the G4 offers ‘Smart Notice’ allowing you to automate routine tasks with action formulas and even receive personalised recommendations for weather, travel and more. Better yet, the G4 has a removable 3,000mAh Battery giving you the option to swap in a full battery for an empty one without stopping to recharge – and thus allowing you to stay connected with your business all day long.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Android 5.1

While the LG G4 may offer a unique design, Sony’s latest flagship device steals the spotlight with 4K technology. Allowing you to view your images and videos in four times the resolution of Full HD.¬†Though the battery may not be removable, you will be able to power up your Sony Xperia Z5 Premium at lightning speed thanks to quick charge enabling. In fact, just 10 minutes of charging will offer up to 5.5 hours of power, or a full day’s usage from just 45 minutes. For the full review on the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, please click here.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ – Android 5.1.1

With Android devices going big on their power capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ takes a different approach with a wide range of innovative wired and wireless charging accessories available to suit your needs. Slightly bigger than previous models, the Edge+ features a 5.7″ display, but carries the same styling as the S6 with a metal, curved glass exterior. The larger screen is protected by the very latest Gorilla Glass on both sides for improved damage resistance.

Best of Android
Featuring the same fingerprint reader on its home button as the other S6 models, both have been vastly improved since the S5, offering heightened security with unlocking and working alongside Samsung’s new contactless payment system – Samsung Pay. Recommended for existing Samsung fans, the Edge+ offers an improved version of the S6, with a bigger screen, larger battery, and faster wireless charging.

HTC One M9 – Android 5.0

HTC put it’s focus on bringing a premium look to the M9, achieved with a dual-tone design and stunning mirrored edges. With each model undergoing a detailed CNC process that machines and polishes the sidewall for a tight, durable and seamless build. In fact, each M9 has been anodised twice to achieve this classy looking exterior. Boasting a 5″ screen constructed with scratch-resistant glass, the M9 offers both style and durability, and even features ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the screen’s optimum brightness level – to suit your surroundings.


Not just a pretty face, the One M9 features various hardware developments from it’s predecessor, the M8, with a new 20MP camera, faster processor and a bigger battery. Better yet, the One M9 offers some serious audio capabilities. With innovative BoomSound technology, the M9 is able to achieve a remarkable 5.1 surround sound experience improving your films, music, games and more. Similarly to Samsung, the HTC One M9 is highly recommend to existing fans of the HTC range looking to upgrade their existing model.



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