Nearly half a million Brits had a mobile phone stolen in the last year

Nearly half a million Brits had a mobile phone stolen in the last year

In March 2017, Protect Your Bubble analysed the latest mobile phone theft data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, which revealed 446,000 mobile phones have been stolen in the latest 12-month period.

On average, 1,220 mobile phones are stolen every day in the UK

The favourite methods of the thieves are pickpocketing and snatch theft, where a phone is grabbed from the victim’s hand. More than 40% of phones are stolen this way compared to just 5% that are taken during a mugging.

Phone left

But just over a third (35%) of stolen mobiles go missing when they are left out and unattended, for example if a mobile phone owner leaves their handset on a table and takes their eyes off it briefly. Figures show this happens on public transport and other public places more often than it does in bars and clubs. And 15% of such thefts happen at work.

We highly recommend you take the following security measures:

  • Use a PIN or lock code
  • Invest in mobile phone insurance
  • Use an app to lock your phone remotely
  • Record your phone’s serial number
  • Install anti-virus/spyware

How we can help

Given that most flagship smartphones cost more than £500 to replace, taking out an insurance policy or adopting security software is a small price to pay to protect your personal data and financial investment.

We offer insurance deals from just £3.99 per month that cover:


But better yet, we are offering a free version of mobile device management that will allow you to lock and wipe an unlimited amount of devices. Alternatively we can offer you a free 14 day trial of the enterprise solution. Click here for more information: Free vs Enterprise with Miradore.

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