Mophie Space Pack Review

Mophie Space Pack Review

The Space Pack by Mophie is the king of iPhone accessories – offering you 3 solutions in one sleek form. A protective case for your iPhone, that provides additional storage space and extra battery life.


Mophie Space Pack Review BlackThe Mophie Space Pack sports a ‘snap on back’ design made from hard protective plastic, and weighs 79 grams. The pack is split into two sections, at the back of the bottom section, there is a metallic-silver button that, when pressed, stylishly indicates how much battery power is remaining via four LED lights. This button is also used to connect the case’s extra storage to your iPhone and the Mophie Space app.

Key Features

Mophie Space Pack Review Gold

  • Up to 100% more battery life without having to connect to a power source.
  • Additional storage space for your music, videos, pictures and docs – amount of extra space is dependent on the model you choose – 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB.
  • Space app for managing, organising and sharing files, music and photos – available for free from the Apple iTunes store.

Compatibility and Price

Mophie Space Pack Review White
The Mophie Space Pack is compatible with the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S and is available for:

  • £129.95 – 16GB Storage
  • £159.95 – 32GB Storage
  • £199.95 – 64GB Storage

In the box, you’ll receive the Mophie Space Pack, Micro USB cable, Pass-through headphone adaptor and a Quick-start guide.

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