Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade revealed

Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade revealed

Microsoft has revealed it’s latest upgrade to Windows 10, that will reduce the size of major Windows 10 updates by “approximately 35%”, thanks to differential download technology. ‘UUP’ will become the universal system for all versions of Windows 10, including smartphones and tablets.

“We are announcing the next generation of our delivery technologies incorporated into our latest Insider builds called the Unified Update Platform (UUP). One of the biggest community and customer benefits of UUP is the reduction you’ll see in download size on PCs.” – Bill Karagounis, Windows program manager.

Not only will you save valuable bandwidth but you’ll also save time as devices will focus purely on installing new patches, rather than the full build. The update is rumoured to be launched next March as the ‘Windows 10 Creators Update’. Unfortunately, Xbox One and Xbox One S owners won’t get UUP for a while as Windows 10 operates differently on their consoles, however UUP is the start of a faster and far more efficient process for updating Windows on your other devices.

What else is coming soon to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is also set to feature 3D technology, allowing you to capture,  create, view and share in a whole new dimension. Paint will be updated to offer 3D preview for quick and easy creation of 3D objects, whether you’re creating your own or modifying someone else’s creation.

The update will also allow fans of virtual reality headsets to enjoy familiar Windows apps, features and navigation, while discovering new apps, games and media perfect for AR and VR.

Windows mixed reality shell

A new taskbar feature will also be introduced, ‘MyPeople’, providing you with quicker access to your key people, directly from the taskbar. Additionally, the People bar will allow to share documents, pictures and more with drag-and-drop, as well as connect to others with apps of your choosing including Skype, Xbox and Outlook mail, and send a range of emojis.

Finally, Xbox Live and Windows 10 will take you to the next level of epic with 4K gaming, built-in Beam broadcasting, and people-generated Arena tournaments.