How to make the most of Apple’s iOS for Business

How to make the most of Apple’s iOS for Business


Apple’s Siri is a fantastic tool for boosting productivity and staying organised throughout your entire day. From grabbing a coffee pick me up on the way to your next meeting “Find coffee near me”, to logging your expenses “Note £2.55 was spent on coffee”, to ensuring your client is still on schedule “Any new emails from Richard today?”, Siri adds ease and efficiency to everyday tasks with minimal effort from you as a user.

How do I use Siri?


With Apple’s FaceTime feature, your business can save on expenses and time travelling to and from clients – while still providing a personal interaction. Better yet, removing the time taken to travel allows you to communicate with your customer as quickly as possible, improving your customer service and their satisfaction. While the ability to switch smoothly to and from front and rear facing camera views, allows you to show the other party something onsite – whether that be a sales demonstration or guide on how to fix a support issue. Overall, Apple’s FaceTime provides a low-cost solution for collaborating with both your co-workers and your customers, while still providing a more connected experience than email and audio calls – that can’t offer the same level of expression.

How do I use FaceTime?

Tip: Use a powered speaker to pump up the audio on your Apple iPad for a low-cost, portable conferencing solution. For smaller office use, the Apple standard earphones with built-in mic allow for an easy video conference with another user.

Built-in Applications

Apple devices are built with everything you need to get started and stay productive – right from the box. With built-in apps such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Pages, Numbers and Keynote included in every device – iOS offers a powerful platform for content creation.

The Apple App Store

Apple’s operating system is designed with advanced security technologies that provide end-to-end control of apps. Allowing you to purchase apps in volume and easily distribute apps throughout your entire organisation, with full trust that all apps are reviewed by Apple and thus will operate as described – safely and securely.

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