How important is size? Which one should I buy?

There is no doubting that the “new iPad” is flying off the shelves everywhere.

The main question we seem to be fielding about the latest and greatest from apple is not, “should I buy one?” but actually “what size do I buy?”

It will depend, as ever, on the media you may want to store on the device, how many songs, how many films and how many photos?

I have always found that a good rule of thumb around media storage is to allow 4MB for a 3 minute sound file and 1.5GB for a 90 minute film and 500k for a photo. Therefore even with my rudimentary maths that is 4,000 songs orĀ 10 full length movies or 32,000 photos on a 16GB iPad.

Now previously we haven’t told people to worry too much about applications as the file sizes have been relatively small compared to their PC counterparts. However, things seem to have changed due to the new retina display on new iPad. For example one app called iMovieĀ has grown from 70MB to over 400MB so if you are an “app happy” customer you may want to consider the next rung up on the iPad ladder.

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