Has Apple scrapped it’s iCar?

Has Apple scrapped it’s iCar?

Rumours have emerged that Apple has scrapped it’s electric iCar ambitions, also code-named ‘Project Titan’ after a large number of staff working on the project were laid off. Although the traditionally secretive Apple has stayed quiet on the matter, there may still be hope for an iCar in the future. With talks of Apple buying out McLaren as well as rumours of a partnership with BMW, and evidence that Apple has spent $10bn in research and development costs, which is more than triple of what it spent justĀ four years ago ($3bn) and far too large a sum for an iPhone or iPad.

Has Apple scrapped it's iCar?
iCar Concepts

If Project Titan is still ago, rumours suggest that the Apple iCar will be launched in 2020 and conceived as a personal assistant with a level of connectivity far beyond the capabilties of any existing car currently on the market. Like other Apple products, it’s expected that the iCar will feature a highly contemporary design using high-quality materials and a smooth interface. The new level of connectivity is likely to involve Apple’s Siri speech recognition, as well as multi-aperature digital camera technology and force touch.

However, if the iCar is scrapped, it looks like Apple will move it’s automotive division’s focus from building it’s own electric car to just creating the software for self-driving cars, which may rival Samsung after their acquisition of Harman.

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