Do you know how your data pool is being used? 5 key questions your business needs to be able to answer

  • What is the split of business versus personal usage?
  • What financial savings would you gain by enforcing policies on specific apps?
  • Where are your users around the world, and what data are they accessing?
  • Is usage compliant with legal regulations?
  • Are you able to control jailbroken devices?
Every business should have control of the devices entering their organisation, whether they are company devices or part of a BYOD programme. We can give you the advantage of unique visibility into data usage, through advanced analytics. Allowing you to easily identify areas for change, so you can take the first step in improving your telecoms strategy.
We partner with Wandera to give you the ability to not only understand what’s driving your next data bill, but to control it too. Whether your employees are spending too much time on Facebook or you’re haunted by monthly bill shock, we can help you create the business policy you want, allowing you to rest assured that your company devices are being used in the way that you intended. While the three C’s: Content Control, Capping and Compression are at work – you can sit back and watch the savings roll in.


Key benefits of data management

Gain universal control with the ability to manage all mobile acitivity, from which apps are downloaded to specific URLs you wish to block – even on jailbroken devices.

Not only can you pick and choose what you find acceptable usage, but you can create policies that apply to diferent groups in different circumstances, georgraphies or devices.

Heavy regulation across different industries means the risk of non-compliance can be expensive. Implementing a data mangaement solution means you can ensure usage is compliant with regulation and reduce corporate legal exposure in the event of unwarranted illegal or unacceptable behavior.

✔ You’ll be able to create custom notifications when certain thresholds are reached, giving you the visibility you need to set caps and wrestle control of data usage at the time it matters most.

✔ You can cut data usage by more than 10% by compressing data in real-time, in a way that’s undetectable to the end user.

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