CAT S60 – The World’s first thermal imaging smartphone


– The World’s first thermal imaging smartphone



The CAT S60 is the World’s first thermal imagery phone, designed to be robust enough to survive any job site. Although the design is rather chunky and almost twice as thick as the iPhone 6S, the durability of the S60 makes up for the extra weight. As well as being drop proof from nearly 2 metres onto hard concrete, the S60 is also dust proof and can be submerged in 5 metres of water for up to an hour. In fact, the S60 boasts one of the best levels of waterproofing available on any modern smartphone. You can take photos and record videos when underwater. And the screen operates perfectly when wet – even when you’re wearing gloves, with an extra thanks to the conveniently big and easy to press buttons and the weaved etching on the back panel for gripping. Built from a mixture of hardened polymer and sturdy metal, you’ll definitely struggle to put a dent in the S60.

Thermal Imaging

The S60 is the only smartphone in the world to pack a thermal imaging camera, allowing you to visualise the temperate of objects. The camera is located on the back of the phone, above the standard 13MP rear camera and next to the microSD and SIM card slots. A useful tool in a variety of work, DIY and extreme sports environments, with the new feature from CAT, you’ll be able to identify gaps in insulation, electrical faults, frozen pipes or even check the gas cylinder levels on the BBQ. With the micro SD port allowing you to add an extra 256GB of spaces to the S60’s built in 32GB of storage, you’ll be able to save all your images from the thermal sensor worry-free.

Specs & Further Features

The CAT S60 is powered by a Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. The specs are below average for a smartphone in this price bracket, but for a rugged handset it’s a huge step up, and still offers a solid performance. The S60 runs on the Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system, which was recently updated to include a more user-friendly design, Google Now on Tap, Doze and advanced privacy controls – you can find out more about Marshmallow here. CAT has made some tweaks to the OS to include a few custom applications and services designed for labourers, DIY fanatics and professionals working in hazardous environments. Highlights include FLIR, Speaker Dry, and Location alert apps, plus the Toolbox Marketplace.

  • FLIR:  the control centre for the thermal imaging sensor.
  • Speaker Dry: a useful app that helps you to clean the S60’s speaker after it’s been submerged in water.
  • Location Alert: a safety feature that feature’s an SOS button that can be customised to fulfil various functions, including calling emergency services and sending out location alerts to team members nearby via SMS. 
  • Toolbox Marketplace: an app marketplace that collects useful services in specialised, CAT-specific categories. These include sections for specific industries like agriculture and construction, plus areas for interests, such as “rugged work” and sports. Examples include a downloadable spirit level and a digital tape measure.


  • 4.7″ display covered by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4
  • FLIR thermal imaging camera
  • 13Mp rear facing camera and 5Mp front facing camera
  • Can survive in 5m of water for an hour
  • Drop proof from 1.8m onto concrete
  • Qualcomm octa-core Snapdragon 617 processor
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow – more details here
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Adreno 405 GPU
  • 32GB internal storage
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 3,800mAh battery

The CAT S60 is priced at £599, and is highly recommend for those working under hazardous conditions or with an active, outdoorsy lifestyle to make the most of the thermal imaging technology and industrial design. Contact your account manager for more details on the S60 via email on or phone 01252 854352, we are always more than happy to help.