Apple iOS 10 top business features

Apple iOS 10 top business features

Apple iOS 10

Siri comes to third-party apps

Apple’s virtual assistant is now able to control third-party apps, allowing you to use voice commands to initiate a Skype call with a client or colleague, order an Uber taxi for your next meeting, or send a message on Slack, a chat app specifically designed for business use.

Voice-mails transcribed

iOS 10 gives you the choice to transcribe your voice-mails, using voice recognition to convert your voice-mails into text. Allowing you to view your messages at a glance and take the toll off scrambling to jot down information, useful for those often in meetings or on the go that need a quicker way to check their messages. For this feature to work, your Siri language must be set to English (United States or Canada) and be supported by your carrier.

Improved continuity across your Apple devices

With iOS 10, you’re able to view and access all your desktop files and folders on your iPhone, which are synced across your devices, with thanks to iCloud. Better yet, iOS 10 introduces ‘Universal Clipboard’, a new tool that makes copying text, photos and more from your iPhone or iPad to your MacBook or Mac desktop easier than ever before, so you’ll no longer need to email links from your phone to your computer.

Updated messaging

The updated Messages app boosts productivity with new automation features. For example, the app now recognises when someone asks where you are, and then gives you the option to fire off a quick reply with your current location. The app also features improved text prediction, to avoid typos.

Advanced security and privacy

iOS 10 now requires your permission if an app in Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Photos or others want your location information or personal data. This features extends with even more control to the way in which HealthKit and HomeKit access your data. When it comes to your conversations, both iMessages and FaceTime are encrypted, so hackers waiting in the middle of a conversation won’t be able to see, hear or read what you are communicating. And when you are on Safari surfing the web, you can browse privately, block cookies, and prevent websites from tracking you. The new features help secure your personal protection with hardware and firmware that have been designed to protect against malware and viruses throughout the entire system.

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