VoIP Package

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Bespoke VoIP Package


VoIP 2

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Explanation of terms

Feature System
The standard features of your VoIP system include:

✓ call queue ✓ auto attendant ✓ call recording ✓ music on hold ✓ UK-based customer services ✓ time of day ✓ voicemail ✓ call groups ✓ call transfer ✓ call twinning

Number of users
This is the number of people that you want to have as users on your phone system. For example, they will either need a phone on their desk or a soft licence on their laptop or computer.

Amount of hosted numbers required
This is the amount of numbers required for your business. For example, you may want: 1 number shared between all staff, or numbers per department i.e. one for sales, one for support, one for accounts.

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