What’s new in Apple iOS 12

Apple has launched its latest software update: iOS 12. The updated operating system is designed so apps will open faster, scrolling is smoother, and crashes are fewer, providing up to 70% faster swipe to Camera, up to 50% faster keyboard display and up to 2x faster app launch under heavy workload.What’s new?SiriSiri has been updated to provide Shortcuts that match your day, whether that’s your […]

What’s new in Apple iOS 9

What’s new in Apple iOS 9 Apple has  release it’s latest operating system, iOS 9, bringing you: Key enhancements to apps: News Apple has created an additional app, ‘News’. Rather than using a third party app from Apple’s store such as Flipboard or Pulse, you can now use ‘News’ to share articles with others and read stories from top sources on topics you’re most interested […]