Mobile Payment Systems: Apple, Android & Samsung Pay

Mobile Payment Systems: Apple, Android & Samsung Pay According to a recent study, only 9% of consumers use mobile payment when it’s available. Should you be using a mobile wallet? Apple Pay How it works Apple Pay pulls your credit cards, debit cards and other sensitive-payment data from the Wallet app, enabling you to use your Apple iPhone, iPad or Watch as a wallet at […]

Android 6 Marshmallow Update

Android 6 Marshmallow Update – Key Features Now On Tap Previously, Android KitKat featured ‘Google Now’ which offered time and context-sensitive notifications, information and reminders. Marshmallow has now taken this to a whole new level with ‘Google Now On Tap’, which short-cuts the need to search for additional contextual information and delivers it at any turn. To activate, you simply need to hold down the […]