Will Wimbledon drain your enterprises’ mobile data allowance?

Will Wimbledon drain your enterprises’ mobile data allowance?

In 2015, our partner Wandera analysed 100,000 devices in 500 enterprise customers across the globe. They found a

17% increase in Wimbledon-related mobile data usage on enterprise devices compared to 2014.

It was also found that enterprise employees are more inclined to use corporate-liable devices to keep up to date with Wimbledon while abroad – 7.5% of monitored employees tuned into Wimbledon while abroad, compared to 5.9% in 2014. It’s no surprise really with 69.4 million digital visitors and mobile visits increasing by 98% (IBM).


The top 5 most popular apps for watching and learning about Wimbledon 2015 – and consuming data – are:

  • Official Wimbledon app
  • BBC Sport
  • Wimbledon 2015 unofficial news via Youtube videos
  • Wimbledon Tennis Scores + Game
  • BBC iPlayer

The increase was likely due to the ongoing improvement of stream quality and the increased tendency to use internet browsers and data hungry apps. It’s likely personal mobile data use on corporate devices will only increase year on year. Unfortunately, it’s events like this that can lead to bill shock.

How can we help?

We partner with Wandera to offer a data management solution that is fully customisable to your individual business needs and staff members. You’ll be able to control which apps can be downloaded, what URLS can be accessed, how much data usage is acceptable and more. By gaining this control, even over jailbroken devices, you’ll be able to define and limit personal usage on your own unique terms. Find out more now.