Will Amazon release a 3D smartphone?

Rumour has it, Amazon will be releasing their own smartphone, the ‘Amazon Fire 3D’. Apparently, the smartphone will offer killer features such as 3D viewing, gesture controls and prime data.

3D viewing
Apparently, the Amazon smartphone may feature a 3D screen, with no glasses necessary. The screen will use four built-in face-tracking cameras to create the 3D effect. A camera will be placed on each corner of the smartphone, and track the position of your eyes/face relative to the screen. By doing so, the smartphone will know how to adjust the page elements to give you the impression of 3D viewing. Along with pop up icons and amazing wallpapers, the Amazon store will be particularly enhanced. When you shift the phone, you will see a fuller, three-dimensional view of product images. Better yet, it’s rumoured that Amazon is working with third-party developers to create apps and content that will specifically make use of the 3D feature.

Gesture controls
The same infrared cameras and on board sensors employed for the 3D interface, may be used to add a whole new feature. You may be able to use tilt gestures instead of buttons. For example, instead of hitting menu buttons, you could just tilt the phone left or right for the panel of options you want.

Prime Data
Apparently, Amazon will sell the smartphone with a unique data plan known as ‘Prime Data’. The smartphone may incorporate similar benefits offered to regular Amazon Prime subscribers. This could mean the smartphone will offer unlimited streaming of video content and easy access to music stored in Amazon’s Cloud Player, amongst other bonuses.

Amazon 3D Smartphone Design Concepts
Amazon 3D Smartphone Design Concepts

Hello, Evi
Amazon may use ‘Evi’ in their smartphone, a chat-to app similar to Apple’s Siri. The rumour sparked after Amazon acquired the start up behind a natural voice search engine in January.

A free phone
The most interesting, nearing unbelievable rumour yet – Amazon may give away the smartphone for free. It is speculated that Amazon may enter the smartphone market with a cut-throat strategy. Giving their device away for free, and making their money on apps, the Amazon media library, and on Amazon Prime subscriptions relating to the smartphone.

Alongside the 4 face-tracking cameras for the 3D viewing, it’s speculated that the Amazon smartphone will also feature a 13 megapixel rear-facing camera, and a front-camera for face chats, bringing the total camera count to six! The smartphone is likely to run on a heavily modified version of the Android operating system, combined with the Amazon FireOS, as seen in the Kindle tablets. When it comes to the processor, the smartphone is speculated to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Although, other rumours have speculated that the smartphone will use a high-end Snapdragon 801 processor, as used in the new Samsung Galaxy S5. When it comes to the screen size, it’s rumoured that the smartphone will have a large 4.7” display.

Down to business:
Release date: Supposedly Amazon has made a deal with Foxconn, the manufacturers of all things electronic, to manufacture its first smartphone. The 3D smartphone will apparently be announced in June, and hit the shelves by the end of September.

Price: Alongside the free smartphone rumour, it’s also speculated that the Amazon smartphone will in fact have to be paid for. Some speculate that the smartphone will be dirt cheap, at around £120, in order to get customers investing in Amazon’s media library. While other rumours have indicated that there may be two Amazon smartphones. One which is high-end (and high-price). And a second lower-end device that will retail at a competitive price at a later date. However it is yet to be confirmed how Amazon will compensate for the price drop, and how much the original smartphone will be altered.

It’s fair to say, that the big players such as Apple, Samsung, and HTC will have to watch out for this retail-giant. What are your thoughts on the Amazon 3D Smartphone?