What happens when the power goes out?

It was like one of those “exciting” times at school when something went wrong and we all dreamed of how this meant we would avoid having to practice our french verbs over and over again.

The power went out, lights disappeared, phones stopped ringing, PC screens blanked and the alarm began to beep to remind us to lock the doors properly if this lasted all day.

And with it went the broadband and the offices main communication tool – email. Faces appeared at windows, doors opened and neighbours joined each other in the car park to discuss want went wrong. Coxbridge Business Park was holding its own little street party, albeit a little late for the royal wedding.

But we didn’t get to go to the party.

The reason is our battery operated 3G broadband router kicked into life and laptops came out of bags and onto desks. VoIP systems were logged into via the Vodafone network and office phone numbers were diverted to mobiles. Business as usual. And all for a price less than our weekly milk bill.

It may not be fun, we might have missed the party but we were able to continue to operate, to support our customers and that is what is important to us as a business.

It does cost a little bit extra to have that sort of back up in place but the alternative for us is unthinkable – going offline – all the way offline.

Obviously we are more than happy to share with you exactly how we do it, we want to help, it’s what we do.

Keep an eye out for an exciting project from us in the next few months that will help you on an ad-hoc basis if your monthly budget prevents you committing to something with us over a 24 month period. Follow @thecloudcar for more details.