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Deliver an 'always on' service to your clients, with fast and secure voice and data that your people can rely on. We'll recommend a solution based on your needs and budget, following your free audit.


We work with the UK's leading suppliers, so that we can offer you preferential rates across the market. We'll make sure you reap the best possible benefits, with advice based on your infrastructure.

Business mobiles

Take advantage of great value, business mobile deals from an O2, EE and Vodafone certified partner. This means we meet industry leading standards and provide a personal service.

Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity Private Circuits

How do I choose from all the connectivity options on the market?

The UK data network is constantly evolving and improving, so if you're confused by the increasing variety of options available, from FTTC, FTTEP, GFast, Ethernet Services and more, you're not alone.  Our team can provide you with a free, no-obligation audit, so you can learn about the best recommendations for your business.  

Why is my connection 'dropping out' at peak times?

When you use your broadband, your team are often sharing access with other buildings (both business and residential) in the area. This means you may experience issues when a number of people or companies are online at the same time.  'Private circuits' can help because they provide a dedicated connection for your business, ensuring guaranteed speeds and security.

CMM Telecoms Remote IT Support

My office is in a remote location - is fast, reliable internet possible?

Mobile broadband can provide connectivity to remote or temporary sites so you can experience more robust internet access.  Our team can evaluate your current set-up and ensure you receive a solution you can depend on. 

What Our Clients Say


"We have been with CMM Telecoms for over 15 years, we have always found that along with superb value for money the customer service is second to none, all of the team are always on hand to offer you their wealth of knowledge it is a pleasure dealing with them all."

James Chillery  

 Commercial Director / R Collard


"We have been extremely satisfied with the service we have received from CMM; they have always gone the extra mile to ensure our needs have been met. All of our requirements are dealt with promptly and effectively and I would happily recommend using CMM."

Neil Ledger 

Director / Exclusive Networks


“I’ve worked with CMM Telecoms and Callmaster for over 10 years and have always had the best advice, solutions and, vitally, brilliant back-up solutions when systems have failed. Great people to deal with who are always there.”

Ian Miller

Managing Director / Frederick R Miller

Voice Solutions

My business growth could go up or down - is there a voice solution that's easily scaleable? 

The voice solution VoIP makes calls over your internet connection, which means you'll have the ability to add a line as soon as you hire a new employee, and if they leave, you can easily reassign or remove that line.  Using VoIP ensures your telecoms strategy can grow alongside your business, without major costs or difficulty.

I don't have extensive IT resources - how can I manage the communications I need?

Voice Calling in Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one solution that's intuitive and centralised.  This means your workforce will face just one learning curve, and you'll only have to manage one app for all your communication (emails, messages, calls, conferences, etc).  If you choose CMM Telecoms as your provider, you'll also benefit from one dedicated contact for any support you need.

Business Mobiles and Communications Services Guildford Farnham Surrey

My broadband is unstable - can you help?

Do you struggle with poor broadband on site? Unlike cloud-based systems, Fixed Line does not rely on internet speeds for call quality, and offers reliable phone access even if your power goes out or is interrupted.  

What Our Clients Say


"CMM have been looking after all of my business and personal mobile phone contracts for nearly 20 years and they have always been helpful, upbeat and very knowledgeable of all the latest phones and technology.  Everyone has always been very friendly and therefore pleasant to deal with and I could not be happier with their service."

Gillie McNicol

 Director / Animal Aunts


"We have been using CMM for a number of years and have always found them to be knowledgeable, willing and always available to help. As well as providing us with advice and support, they try to ensure that we are always on the best tariff for our needs."

Adam Roberts

Operations Manager / More House School


"We have had CMM Telecoms look after our phone lines and mobile phones for a number of years now and have always found them helpful, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. From the staff out in the field to the internal support, someone has always been available to assist us when needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any size business that require their services."

Stefan Berry

Locksmith Manager / KBO Fire & Security

Business Mobile Solutions

I spend hours filling out customer forms - can I reduce this time digitally?  

Working alongside INKWRX™, we provide a digital data platform that will allow you to create your own business forms and publish them to use with either a digital pen and paper or tablet device. It's quick and simple way to electronically send information back to your office, reducing administration expenses and increasing your productivity. 

I experience frequent bill shock - is this normal?

Video on demand services, social networks and other applications, can dramatically drain your data pool, and that additional data can exceed the cost of your mobile plan.  You can save yourself the sting of unforeseen and unnecessary costs using a solution called Mobile Device Management (MDM).  We can also make sure you're benefiting from the best international and roaming options and discuss data and spend cap suitability, so that you save money in the process.

I'm not sure if my employees' mobile use is GDPR compliant?

If you're running a BYOD policy for mobile phones, do you let your staff receive work emails via their personal mobiles phones? If you do, how do you ensure control over your customer data?

GDPR is serious business.  Breaches of GDPR regulations carry a fine of up to 4% of the turnover of your business.  We can help you avoid hefty fines by ensuring your mobile devices are protected from attacks, and a clear boundary between business data and personal data has been set. 

Why do over 500 businesses choose CMM Telecoms?

CMM Telecoms Free Virtual Consultation

Quick and painless support

You may associate business telecommunications with generic advice, long hold or wait times, frustrating back-and-forths, and automated responses.  Not us. 

We operate so that you can say goodbye to call-centre style support and rely on a UK-based team who take the hassle and frustration out of telecommunications.

From handset to email to bill, we have it covered.  Fast.  In fact, our dedicated team pick up the phone within 6 seconds on average, so you can rest assured that you'll receive quick and painless support.

CMM Telecoms Free Virtual Consultation

One consistent point of contact

Why spend time managing different contracts and accounts, when you don't have to?  We work with the industry leaders so that we can offer you all the solutions you need from one provider, in one place.

We'll negotiate the best possible terms for your business, while you access premium solutions, and take advantage of comprehensive support and management. 

And as technology develops or your business changes, we can save you time researching, evaluating and re-hashing information, because we'll have knowledge of your unique business needs, and the necessary market know-how to recommend the ideal next steps.

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