Samsung Galaxy S6: Top 10 How To’s

Samsung Galaxy S6: Top 10 How To’s

Samsung S6 Top 10 How To's

1) Quick launch the camera

Capture a quick shot and never miss a moment with the S6 camera short-cut. Simply double tap your home button and the camera app will launch – even when the screen is off. You can toggle this setting on and off by heading into Camera Settings > Quick Launch.

2) Download in a hurry

Short on time? Head to your Settings > More Connection Settings > Download Booster and you’ll find the option to toggle on a speed boost for downloading files larger than 30MB. However, please do bare in mind that this will use some of your data allowance as it works by using LTE and Wi-Fi together.¬†

3) Use private mode

Whether you’re using your device for both business and personal use or would simply like to keep certain photos and files away from the kids, Samsung’s Private Mode ensures you can hide away any sensitive data. Simply go to your Settings > Privacy and Safety > Private Mode. From here, you can choose which content you would like to hide and how it can be accessed. You can also choose to lock this data with your fingerprint.

4) Save battery life

The S6 offers a power saving mode and an ultra power saving mode, both of which can be found under Settings > Battery. The basic mode is subtle while the ultra mode cuts down a fair amount of functionality and turns your display a grey tone – however may prove useful when saving your last bit of power is essential. In the Battery Settings you will also find detailed stats on your power usage in Battery Usage, as well as an estimate of battery time remaining.

5) Use the fingerprint sensor

Head to Settings > Lock screen and security > Screen lock type > Fingerprints, from here you’ll receive on-screen instructions for getting set up. You can also add or remove more fingerprints later, from the same menu. At the bottom, you’ll find two toggles that dictate whether you can use your fingerprint for web sign-ins and verifying your Samsung account, depending on whether you want to enter passwords or simply scan your fingerprint instead. You’ll also have the option to set up a back up password, ensuring you can still access your device in the unfortunate event of your S6 sensor being damaged.

6) Take a screenshot

Hold both your S6’s Power button and Home button at the same time and you can capture a screenshot, you can also turn on Palm¬†Swipe to Capture by heading to Settings > Motions and Gestures.

7) Enable split screen

Split screen allows you to have two applications open on your display simultaneously. Simply hold down your apps or the multitasking button on the bottom left of your screen for a couple of seconds. The bottom half of the screen will display a menu of apps you can choose from, while the top half will continue to display the app you were originally using. If you would like to change the space allocated, you can drag the icon in the middle up or down, and access more options such as the option to flip, window or close apps, by tapping on the circle.

8) Boost sound quality

In Settings > Sound and notifications > Sound quality and effects, you can tap Adapt Sound. Here you’ll be able to customise your S6’s sound profile, with options¬†including SoundAlive+ for creating a surround sound effect and Tube Amp for a tube amplifier sound.

9) Use smart lock

Head to Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure lock settings > Smart lock and you can adjust your Galaxy S6 to automatically unlock when it connects to specific Bluetooth devices or systems. For example, your smartwatch or vehicle. Or alternatively, you can adjust the settings so that your S6 unlocks when you are in a specific location such as in the office or at home.

10) Take a selfie

For easier selfies, fire up your front-facing camera and simply touch the heart rate sensor under the LED flash on the back of your S6 to take the shot, removing the inconvenience of pressing the capture button.