More on the Mobile Data Gateway

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The Mobile Data Gateway Solution consists of two unique services:

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1) View

Gives you the advantage of unique visibility into data usage, through advanced analytics. Allowing you to easily identify areas for change, and thus improve.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Productivity Insights – Understand how employees are engaging with key business applications, augmented by analysis of location, time and
    device type
  • Split Bills – Identify and measure business and personal usage to inform your expense management policy, without needing dual device personas
  • Increased Security – Detect usage of unapproved cloud apps and other security exposures
  • Cost Itemization – Open the black box of your mobile data bill

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2) Extend

Extend delivers substantial data savings with data compression and content controls through a real-time policy engine.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Data Savings – Reduce usage by 30% across the board through compression
  • Roaming Control – Eliminate bill shock and reduce data roaming bills by 60% through real-time data caps
  • Content Control – Restrict data hungry apps and other undesirable content
  • Improve Performance – Advanced acceleration techniques to optimize data performance on mobile
  • Educate Users – Proactively alert users at data threshold


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