Top 5 iPhone battery life tips

iPhone battery life tips 

A flat battery before your day is over can be beyond inconvenient. Follow our tips on how to optimise your iPhone’s battery life and thus stay connected for as long as possible…

iPhone battery life tips

1) Turn off Background Refresh for apps you use less:

Background App Refresh keeps your iPhone active, busy polling the data network in the background updating your apps such as Facebook, which in turn reduces your battery life. You can turn it off fully or choose selective apps – depending how you use them. When you return to the app, it may take a moment longer to bring you new information but other than that it will not have any effect on the app – just added battery life for your iPhone!

To find, go to: Settings -> General ->  Background App Refresh

2) Check for your email manually:

Push email can be another battery drainer. You can set your accounts to receive updates manually (also know as fetch i.e. as soon as you load the app) instead of automatically (push). This will not only improve your battery life but it will also reduce your data usage, which is particularly useful when you are overseas. By changing this setting it means that your email will only download when you open the application or when you press the update button.

To find, go to: Settings -> Mail, Calendar, Contacts -> Tap on Fetch New Data -> Slide ‘Push’ to off and check ‘manually’ under Fetch Data. (You can then select ‘Advanced’ and set your Work email to manual if applicable)

3) Reduce your screen brightness:

As simple as it sounds, taking your screen brightness down a notch can really help your battery life – (it’s also a good thing to do when you leave your phone on overnight).

Brightness can be found via: Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness

4) Stay cool:

Lithium-ion batteries and heat tend not to mix too well, ensure your iPhone stays in the shade over the summer and out of your boiling hot car, if possible!

5) Facebook auto play:

Facebook has recently incorporated the auto-play of videos. This can aid in both draining your battery life and increasing your data usage.

To switch off auto-play, go to Settings -> Facebook -> Auto-play -> Off

We hope these iPhone battery life tips have been as helpful as possible!

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