Introducing Vodafone ‘V’ GPS trackers

Vodafone has introduced three new additions to its range of ‘V by Vodafone’ IoT trackers.  The new devices are GPS trackers that serve different functions. Firstly, the ‘V-Pet tracker’, brought to you through partnership with Pod 3. The tracker is light and compact enough to be worn on the collar of your pet, whilst real-time tracking ensures you can find your cat or dog if they’ve wandered off or escaped.  ‘Safe zones’ can be set up so that if your pet is outside of these zones – you’ll be informed and they’ll be secure. The device includes ‘activity monitoring’ so you’ll be aware of the in’s and out’s of your pets day – allowing you to pick up on anything unusual.

The V-Pet tracker is priced at £105, however, a £4 per month subscription fee is needed for full functionality of the device – this monthly fee provides access to the Pod app and service, alongside a V-Sim plan and Vodafone network coverage. Notably, the device will work in most European countries for the same flat fee. Finally, the device has been ‘pet-proofed’ offering a waterproof and durable exterior to survive bad weather and rough and tumble.

The two other devices are the ‘V-Bag tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Luggage for baggage and a small tracker that can be used to track items such as Laptops, keys and other bags called ‘V-Multi tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Mini.

The V-bag is fitted with light sensors and a GPS tracker. Similarly to the V-Pet, the V-Bag also allows you to set ‘safe zones’ to alert you when your luggage is taken anywhere it shouldn’t. The V-Bag tracker is available for an initial payment of £50, followed by a £3 monthly subscription fee. Finally, the rain and puddle proof  V-Multi TrackiSafe Mini, available for £45 plus a £2 monthly subscription fee, is 39mm wide and 12mm high. Weighing less than 20g, the mini tracker can be clipped onto laptop cases, keys or other objects that are frequently lost. Safe zones can be created through the TrakiSafe app which will alert you if the attached tracker strays from your chosen areas. Better yet, if attached to a bag, the tracker can alert you if the bag is opened or moving over a certain speed.