Free webinar: How to avoid mobile bill shock

Learn how you can avoid post-summer smartphone bill shock

Summer is high season for bill shock and research by our partner Wandera shows that Brits are set to incur roaming costs of £500 million this summer – and £170 million of that will be paid for by businesses.

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Employees take their company phones on holiday so that they can stay connected with the office, and inadvertently rack up exorbitant roaming charges for their employer.

And with the recent changes in carrier tariffs, domestic data usage is now also highly susceptible to excess charges.

Join us for a 30-minute webinar with our business and development director Thom Gibbons and guest speaker Will Fisher, business development director at Wandera.

You will learn how you can:

• Benefit from compression and data usage policies in the post BlackBerry Enterprise Server era and save 60% of data or £200 on your monthly per user roaming bill,
• Protect against mobile malware with scanning in the path of the data,
• Get visibility into the black box that is mobile data usage: understand how your employees engage with apps and what they need to be productive,
• Eliminate bill shock forever whilst still allowing your employees the ‘always-on’ connectivity they demand.

Can’t make it on the day?

Register anyway and we’ll send you a recording of the webinar.

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