Fibre connectivity brings VoIP to those previously disconnected

Back in late 2010 I hit a wall whilst building a solution for a customer. We had invested hours in getting to know every inch of the business, how they operated, how they made money and where they wanted to improve.

The company in question needed greater capacity to their office phone system, they had recently expanded and they had plans in place to increase headcount further. The office was in a rural area, prone to transport issues when the snow and ice of the winter arrived as staff travelled at least 15 miles to get to work.

They wanted a phone system that didn’t require a large investment in hardware, something scalable as new staff arrived, they needed to avoid long lead times of waiting for engineers to install lines, a system easy to budget for and flexible to use from multiple locations.

BUT, their internet connection was awful, and being a design & marketing services business they needed every ounce of connectivity to focus on delivering their artwork promptly to their customers. VoIP just wasn’t an option.

We found a solution that coped with all the demands in the short term but we knew we needed to build something better long term.

Fibre connectivity (FTTC) has given us the opportunity to deliver what we wanted to first time round. The business has moved from speeds of 2.5Mbps down & 0.7mbps up to 75Mbps down & 18Mbps up. Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) will dramatically improve their productivity as they no longer have to wait an eternity for files to upload and it will give them the scalable, flexible, low cost phone system they needed in the dark days at the end of 2010.

Talk to us now to find out if FTTC is in your area and let us show how it can do more than just load webpages really quickly.