Enterprise Mobile Security

Enterprise Mobile Security

“Cyber attacks hit half of UK businesses in 2016” – The telegraph.

Mobile is indisputably the new frontier for cyber threats, as adoption of corporate mobility continues to grow, so too does the number of attacks. Businesses have become increasingly exposed to new threats, vulnerabilities and data leaks with half of UK businesses hit last year. We partner with Wandera to provide you with enterprise-grade defense against mobile security risks.


App scans

By scanning the applications installed on the device, the solution can identify any apps with improper permission levels or those that might be leaking sensitive data. Malicious apps can be analyzed in real-time, providing zero-day threat detection.

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Network security

This solution is able to monitor each device’s network connection activity, meaning rogue or suspicious Wi-Fi hotspots can be identified in an instant. Communication with risky sites can be isolated and untrustworthy connections can be blocked.


Device behavioural anomalies

Analysis of unusual configurations and unexpected behaviors helps reveal potential risks. This solution surveys for usage spikes, location changes, modifications to apps and other anomalies to uncover and prevent new threats.


Vulnerability assessments

Keeping devices secure requires constant scanning for vulnerabilities. This solution can detect when devices can be exploited, such as when they are in a risky state, or if there are patchable holes in the operating system.


Prevent exposures before they happen

Unparalleled visibility 

  • You can only protect what you can see. With a unique web gateway for mobile, this solution provides a level of visibility into device usage simply not possible with other solutions, helping admins get a multi-level view and securely control usage.

Proactive and reactive

  • End user activity can be restricted across web domains, URLs and applications. Set up filters to block access to riskier content, such as adult or gambling sites, and prevent connections to untrustworthy domains as and when they are discovered.

Restrict downloads

  • Protect devices from malware and other malicious apps by cutting them off at the source. Block access to unapproved app stores to prevent downloads of rogue or fake applications, reducing the risk of data leaks and other vulnerabilities.


  • It only takes one rogue insider to maliciously or accidentally leak sensitive company data. Block access to filesharing services and prevent unwanted risky data uploads.