Data Management

Data Management 

Empowering your staff with a mobile device can be extremely valuable – both to them and to the company. But equipping them with devices is only half the story. Mobile data consumption is rising fast, meaning so are your costs. We partner with Wandera to give you the ability to not only understand what’s driving your next data bill, but to control it too.


Data hungry

The increasing popularity of services like YouTube and Netflix mean that data pools are being drained much faster. Set intelligent rules about which employees can access which services, keeping tabs on mounting data usage.

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Capping and alerts

Create custom notifications when certain thresholds are reached, giving you the visibility you need to set caps and wrestle control of data usage at the time it matters most.



Attack growing data consumption in a more subtle way. Cut usage by more than 10% by compressing data in real-time, in a way that’s undetectable to the end-user.



Overseas work travel has become a common practice for most organizations, but mobility staff are often stung by unforeseen or otherwise costly roaming fees. Create and enforce policies that manage this depending on location.


Policy Enforcement


  • Wrestle control of usage not by controlling which apps are downloaded, but across all mobile activity. That means blocking access to apps, web domains and individual URLs – even on jailbroken devices.

Define personal use

  • We understand that every organization will have its own preferences over acceptable usage. That’s why we’ve built tools that can restrict access to entire categories, such as gambling, or for specific domains, meaning you can define and limit personal usage on your own unique terms.


  • Create policies that apply to different groups in different circumstances, and switch users from one setting to another with ease. You can even apply policy for different device types or geographies.


  • Heavy regulation across different industries means the risk of non-compliance can be expensive. Wandera helps you ensure usage is compliant with regulation, and reduces corporate legal exposure in the event of unwarranted illegal or unacceptable behavior.